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In my previous post you will notice it says to spread your keyword throughout your page for on page seo, but is just the keyword you are optimizing for enough?

Google also looks for keywords related to the keyword on your page.


1. go to the “google seo” keyword tool:

2. type in your keyword, but make sure the “use synonyms” box is checked

3. your results will appear so scroll down to “Additional keywords to consider - sorted by relevance” these are the keywords Google feels are similar to the keyword you are using, with the best choice on the top.

4. use some of the first few keywords in this area, and it will help with on page seo.

It will appear to Google that you are not trying to forge the results by just using your keyword if you use the similar variations as well.  This is just a part of normal conversation while typing, but it is good to know what keywords google considers that are related to yours.

Hope this helps,


p.s. more seo tips are comming soon

p.s.s. my next post will cover my latest project, if you replicate it it is guaranteed to ad thousands of suscribers to your opt in list! Stay tuned…

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