Listbuilding (Giveaway Style =)

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You can actually participate in them for free.

Simply find a giveaway, upload your gift, then reap in the stream of new opt-in subscribers.

I just made a new blog dealing entirely with giveaways. It will locate them for you and give great tips:

So how does a giveaway work?

Easy. Use to help you find giveaways then upload your gift.  Each giveaway site will give you detailed instructions on how to upload your gift.  People will download your gifts and in doing so join your list.

What if I don’t have a gift?

Here is a great site that gives you free ebooks and reports for you to use for your gift: It is free.

I have added a new product to this blog, Big List Bucks (The List Building Supercourse).  Make sure you get it as it will walk you step by step on what to do with this list.  I was charging $47 for it, but now you may access the entire course for free.  This is only for a limited time!

We will be addressing more on giveaways a little on down the road, but if you want a huge head start I recommend Giveaway Riches.  It is the best Giveaway Guide out there by super guru Jason James:

My very first giveaway ever gave me over 100 subscribers in less than a week.  Coach Alex Jeffreys says that you won’t ever have to work again if you can get 2,000 opt in subscribers.  The list he built from giveaways earns him over $20,000 per month.

Do not delay! Start your giveaway journey today!

Yours in Success,

Paul Moore

P.S. Visit and start locating the giveaways.

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3 Responses to “Listbuilding (Giveaway Style =)”
  1. Murilo Lima Says:

    Hi Paul!

    I will read your blog from this moment. See you on Twitter!

    Have a nice day!

  2. Stephen Bray Says:

    Hi Paul,

    It’s Stephen Bray, one of Alex Jeffreys Fortunate 500 Students.

    I know you haven’t ever commented on my blog but I wondered how you are getting on now Alex’s Course has finished.

    Are you making some bucks on-line?

    I’ve always thought that the power of the community that Alex created has been under utilised.

    Too many of us are trying to sell to our classmates instead of really harnessing the power of the whole network.

    I’m aiming to promote those fellow students who have something to offer, and I don’t expect any financial return for this.

    If you’re interested in learning more about what I have in mind then please drop me a line at the e-mail address that I used when registering for this post, or if you prefer leaving a comment on my blog.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


  3. Sigit Says:

    Great article.. Great and useful Blog!

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