The Big Damn Online Secret

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What is this secret you ask?

It was revealed to the coaching students in module number 7, titled the same as this blog post.  I will reveal it to you now…

While it’s not the biggest secret, it is the one that keeps people from having the most success.

There is actually more than one…

In order to succeed online, you must first plan offline!  That’s right, without a map you will not get anywhere.  Countless times, I have just sat down in front of the laptop without a plan of action and just found myself wasting time.  Your time should be broken down into focused blocks. ie. 1 hour of traffic generation.  Then do that for the 1-hour without distractions.

Online marketing takes time and effort.  People are entering into it and giving up on it just as easily.  The winners are the ones who stick with it and choose not to fail.

Online marketing is multilevel.  It involves planning projects.  Creating products. ie. an e-book. Also, it involves a marketing process and sales funnels. 

You must draw traffic and keep adding value to it in your sales funnels. (See my below posts on getting traffic and adding value)

Every successful person has endured failure, and in this business the same rule applies.  Keep failing until you succeed.

Look at what my mentor, Alex Jeffreys, has to say about his 2007 earnings.

To Your Success,

Paul Moore

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