The Triple Threat Affiliate

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What happens next in our free coaching? Module 6 deals with list building and email marketing.

You need to build a list!  Listbuilding should be the main focus, and in order to build a list, you need traffic.

Here’s a simple process:

1. Create an ebook / report

2. Create a squeeze page that gives away the ebook / report

3. Give value to your traffic

4. Direct traffic to your opt in box on the squeeze page 

5. Build a relationship with this subscribers list

6. Promote to your list (not garbage, but items of value you know are good! )

So what exactly is The Triple Threat Affiliate?

It is a nickname given to Alex Jeffreys by one of his peers for his unique email marketing method.

This method is as follows:

When you send out an email message there are three types of people-

1. People who don’t open the email

2. People who open but don’t click on the affiliate link

3. People who open and also click on the link in the message

A new feature in Aweber allows you to send specific emails to each of these three types of people.

For the people who didn’t open, you can change the subject title to get them to open.  For the people who opened but didn’t click, you can say hey I noticed you opened but didn’t check out the offer yet, make sure you check it out.  For the people that open and click, you can say hey I saw you check out the offer, hurry before it’s gone.

Alex was getting a 20% open rate and a 10% click through rate, but after the Triple Threat Affiliate technique it jumped to 50% and 30% respectively.  Wow it really works!

Remember: the number one thing in email marketing is to tell your story.  Don’t burn your list out selling garbage.  Always try to get a special discount for them.

Yours in success,

Paul Moore

P.S. We will be addressing these topics farther in future coaching sessions.  Make sure to RSS feed.

P.S.S. Make sure you get your free profit pulling platform, it you hadn’t yet.  Just type your name and email on the upper right.

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5 Responses to “The Triple Threat Affiliate”
  1. Dave Orchard Says:

    Hi Paul
    Great Blog good content. I NEED SOME HELP My Friend! Have you ever heard of Maverick Money Maker, because it seems to be a good affiliate program? But have you heard of it or know of anyone involved or got any advice one way or the other? I don’t want to promote something that doesn’t deliver. So I thought I would ask some of the students.
    Thanks Dave O
    PS If you know about them leave a comment on my blog.

  2. admin Says:


    I have never heard of Maverick Money Maker; therefore, I can neither approve nor disapprove of it at this time.

  3. Email Marketing List Says:

    I have an email marketing list so this article was very interesting for me to read and realize many of the things you were talking about. I just dont think most people are putting enough quality or compassion into their emails and people can generally see right through that in a second. Why people dont do what they love I’ll never know.

  4. Buy Maverick Money Makers Says:

    Very good writing. Thanks for the info!

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