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For those of you that just joined in, I recently started this blog last month to journal my online success.

I now plan on revealing to you the information I am learning in my coaching program taught by Alex Jeffreys! 

I paid $500 dollars for the program, but I will let you see what is taught for free.

If you have read my first post, you already know that Alex Jeffreys is my mentor, makes over $20,000 per month online, and has had several successful product launches such as Easy Erofit Auctions and Gurus Dream.  He was personally taught by the best of the best gurus in internet marketing including Mike Filsaime and Rich Schefren!

If you want to know what he has to say then my blog is the place to be.

Follow along with me…

What did we learn so far?

It is a few weeks into Alex’s coaching so far so here we go:

Module #1 “Forward to basics”- Here Jeffreys discusses some simple time management steps.  Simple but important.  You cannot run a home business without managing your time.  I will spare the details here as I plan on addressing time management on a later post.

Module #2 “Profit Pulling Platform”- This is the module where Alex gives us a profit pulling platform.  He talks about how to set it up.  It is a free ebook to give away. You can give the free ebook away too.  It then follows up with a video course series on listbuilding.  Listbuilding is the key to success online!  If you want to see the profit pulling platform, click on the link in this blog.  It is the image at the top right that says Alex Jeffreys Free Profit Pulling Platform.  Type in your name and email address, and it will be delivered to you.

Module #3 “Marketing Mafia Money”-Here he tells us to 1. Get a domain name and a hosting place. I recommend for domain names and hostgator for hosting.  2. Set up a blog (see my post on setting up a blog) 3. Add Google Analytics to your blog (see the videos on my post about Google Analytics) 4. Write your first blog post. (You can see my first blog post as an example)

Module #4 “Social Media Money”- This module starts out with getting traffic to your blog by visiting other peoples’ blogs (See my post below on blog traffic). Then it goes into UTube and Twitter.  I will post very shortly on these topics.  Probably my next post.

Module #5 “Traffic Tornadoes”- This module is not yet added in the members area as of the day of this writing, but I will reveal the content to you as soon as it comes out! 

There are many more modules to come, and I plan on telling you what’s going on in all of them.  Join my blog list in the top right corner, and I will email you when they come out! (It is the same join list for the profit pulling platform)

I wish you success in this new year and hope what I have to say will add value to your life.

Thank you for reading,

Paul Moore



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2 Responses to “Free coaching! Follow Along With Me.”
  1. Ross Says:

    Nice work getting started and getting your blog setup. I’m trying to get a complete list of all the students for my blogroll and to get to know everyone. Please email with your full name, link, and twitter link if you have one. Best wishes, Ross The Boss

  2. Abdulrehman Says:

    Hey Paul,
    Well I am following our blog now as I see you will be telling some good and useful stuff. By the way thanks for dropping a comment on my blog. Hope to see you around!

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