Become A Forum Freak!

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Yeah that’s right…   Freak it forum style.

OK, we have begun the journey to monetize our blog with traffic.  Remember no traffic = no fun =  : (

I’m sure by now that you have decided to click on my RSS feed button, got your free videos, and had one of those ahaa moments after seeing how simple it is to make money with Alex Jeffreys free profit pulling platform.

Now what?

Well if you did your homework you should be seeing some traffic by now with your blogging fun and yearning to get some more…

More traffic that is!

Alex Jeffreys reccomends forum traffic!

This method is best not overlooked so here it goes:

     *Gather up a list of forums related to your niche. 

     *How Many?

     *As many as you can, 150 will work better that just one


               Remember, it is a numbers game.  If you do not take the time right now to put forth some work, you have already failed!

            Ask yourself if you are worth it, then move on and achieve your dreams.

     It is easy to find some forums.  Just google search:  (your niche keyword) + forum

                 ie.  internet marketing forum

Once again put this list in some text editing software   ie. notepad, word, etc.  and set some time in your schedule to make some comments.   See my previous blog post about spamming and leaving comments!

What do I say in my forum posts….?

Say what will captivate the most attention.  Speak your heart and talk the truth but make sure you add value.

Here’s what I reccomend:

    *Make sure you post daily, and of course put a link to your site.

    *Start a public challenge ie. say i’m gonna make $10,000 next month or i’m gonna add 5,000 people to my

      list, and invite people to watch you do it!

    *Drop a grenade- find something controversial to say and say it.  Don’t lie, just state what you believe in.

It is very simple.  If you don’t captivate your readers attention, they won’t click…

So, start your very own forum frenzy and join me on my future posts.

To your success,

Paul Moore

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  1. Define Economic Recession Says:

    I use forum marketing quite effectively. I love the forums that list your latest blog post with each post as then you creative blog titles are given a chance to convert visitors.

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